Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Like To Homeschool

Momma and Daddy homeschool me. We do that in my Momma and Daddy's bedroom and in our living room. I am learning lots of things. I am learning how to read and how to write my little letters. I know how to write all my big letters. Writing my little letters is fun. Sometimes I cry because it makes me a little sad when I write them wrong. Momma and Daddy talk to me and try to make me feel better when I'm sad about my little letters. Sometimes I change my little letters into big letters and I don't mean to do that.

I know what my "S's" sound like. They say "sssss." Siobhann has the S sound. "Yes" has the S sound and so does Stephen, bicycle and Christmas. Christmas has two S sounds. T, I, B, Q, U and L are my favorite letters. They are easy to write. The letter Q is special because it always has it's friend, U, with it. And, also because it helps to spell "queen" and "Quincy," my cat.

I use an easel to write my write my letters and numbers. I got it when Christmas was here. Santa gave it me. I lkie Christmas because all of my family is together and we get to put up our Christmas tree. It is Jesus' birthday. We make Jesus a birthday cake and we sing "Happy Birthday" to Him. Daddy read the story about Jesus being born on Christmas Eve for night night.

I really like to homeschool. I like it because I get to know my letters and it's really, really fun. I know that Momma and Daddy are good teachers because I love them and I really like them teaching me. I know that I learn a lot when I homeschool because know more stuff now then I did before. I can't wait to learn about maps and animals.