Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Like To Homeschool

Momma and Daddy homeschool me. We do that in my Momma and Daddy's bedroom and in our living room. I am learning lots of things. I am learning how to read and how to write my little letters. I know how to write all my big letters. Writing my little letters is fun. Sometimes I cry because it makes me a little sad when I write them wrong. Momma and Daddy talk to me and try to make me feel better when I'm sad about my little letters. Sometimes I change my little letters into big letters and I don't mean to do that.

I know what my "S's" sound like. They say "sssss." Siobhann has the S sound. "Yes" has the S sound and so does Stephen, bicycle and Christmas. Christmas has two S sounds. T, I, B, Q, U and L are my favorite letters. They are easy to write. The letter Q is special because it always has it's friend, U, with it. And, also because it helps to spell "queen" and "Quincy," my cat.

I use an easel to write my write my letters and numbers. I got it when Christmas was here. Santa gave it me. I lkie Christmas because all of my family is together and we get to put up our Christmas tree. It is Jesus' birthday. We make Jesus a birthday cake and we sing "Happy Birthday" to Him. Daddy read the story about Jesus being born on Christmas Eve for night night.

I really like to homeschool. I like it because I get to know my letters and it's really, really fun. I know that Momma and Daddy are good teachers because I love them and I really like them teaching me. I know that I learn a lot when I homeschool because know more stuff now then I did before. I can't wait to learn about maps and animals.


  1. Dear Siobhann, I think you are doing a great job with your blog. I only wish you would write more often. I'd love to hear about your favorite food, toys and things to do. I think you are a very snart girl. Don't get sad about your little letters. You are learning your letters, and that is the most important thing. The little letters will get easier the more you write them! Anyway, I love Christmas and God too. Thank you for writing such a great blog.

  2. Hey Siobhann!

    We have something in common, I was also homeschooled!

    Don't be too hard on yourself; you'll learn all those letters in no time.