Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank You For The Comments

Thank you for all of the things you said to me. It really makes me feel happy about myself. I hope you read my website again. That would really make me feel happy.

I am going to write about the things you said to me. I'm interested in all the things you guys say to me. I love to get more friends. I like to see your pictures on my website. I want to see a lot more pictures. That would mean I have a lot of friends and I love having lots of friends. I love it when you tell me things. Then I can know more about you like of you like fairies and what your favorite colors are.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favorte Things to Do

My favorite things to do are draw pictures, play with my stuffed toys and playing with my dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are my favorite things now.

When I draw pictures, I think of what is in my head and I try to make it as good of a picture as I can. Sometimes I use lots of colors or just two. Other times, I only use one. My favorite colors are purple and pink. My old favorite color use to be red.

I have so many stuffed toys, more than can fit in my toy box. I have dogs, bears and bunnies. My Momma saved a toy from getting torn up. We cleaned it up and I asked if it could be my toy. It was a bear. Her name is Mrs. Floppy Bear because I already had another bear named Mr. Floppy Bear. They are now married.

I have lots of dinosaurs and one is a winged-reptile. I've got one dinosaur with a really long neck it uses to eat leaves with. I have two dinosaurs with three horns on it's head and frill on it's neck. There is a dinosaur that has a club at the end of it's tail and bunches of armor.

I like to play with all of my toys, but my dinosaurs are my favorite.

The End