Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Giant That Didn't Want To Play

Once upon there was a very lonely bear. He was so lonely and he couldn't make friends.

There was also a very big giant that never wanted to play. He never wanted to play again because no would play with him. That made him feel very, very grumpy.

The little bear said, "I will play with you."

'"Fee fi fo fum. You can't play with me, little guy," the giant said.

"My Daddy said I was as big as a giant so that means I'm as big as you," the little bear said.

"Okay, you can play with me."

Then they played and played, never stopping playing.

"You can play with me anytime you like," said the giant.

Then it was the little bear's birthday.

"Wow, you are a little bigger," the giant said to the little bear.

The little bear said, "Thank you."

"Here you go, big guy," the giant said, giving the little bear a birthday present.

"Wow, thank you, giant, for the two power dogs," the little bear said.

The end.

This is my baby bear
rocking chair. It is cute 'cuz
it looks like a bear.

This is my dog, Bobbie. I love her very
much. I never want her to go away.

Quincy, Our Cat

This is a picture of my cat, Quincy, I took
all by myself. He is a very friendly cat.

The Beautiful Princess Who Wouldn't Take Her Crown Off

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She was so beautiful that she never wanted to take her crown off. One windy day her crown blew off.

"Oh no, my crown! It's blowing away," the princess said.

She ran and ran to catch it. She couldn't catch it. A prince tried to help her catch her crown, but they still couldn't get it. They tried as hard as they could.

A princess witch saved the crown.

"Thank you, beautiful witch," the prince and the princess said.

The end; it's over.