Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fairy Tinkles and Fairy Pixie Save the Kitty and the Puppy

Once upon a time there were two fairies named Fairy Tinkles and Fairy Pixie. They were best friends who played together every spring and fall. They always helped people and animals. They loved to play hide and seek every day they could.

One winter Fairy Tinkles and Fairy Pixie got to play together. While they were playing they saw a little baby kitty that was about to fall off a big flower. The fairies rushed to the little kitty to help her. The kitty fell. Thankfully, Fairy Pixie caught the little baby kitty.

Fairy Tinkles wanted very badly to keep the little baby kitty, but she couldn't keep her.

UH OH! There was little puppy that was drifting away on the river. Fairy Tinkles and Fairy Pixie rushed to help the little puppy. The puppy sunk!

Fairy Tinkles hurried to find the little puppy in the bottom of the river. She finally found the little puppy in a broken down ship under the water. There was a big, big clam that tried to eat the little puppy.

Fairy Tinkles swam fast to save the puppy and she did. The clam only ate the little puppy's toe. Fairy Tinkles wrapped up the little puppy's toe.

They lived happily ever after and the end.

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