Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I really liked the trees all lit up in Oklahoma City. Thank you for putting the lights on them. I couldn't really see all the lights on the buildings, the high ones, but they were pretty, too.

I really want to see Rudolph, please. I've always liked deer and want to see them, especially Rudolph. I've always wanted to see your reindeer fly and Rudolph's nose light up. Please leave Rudolph at my house.

I am good at helping Daddy and making his knee feel better. I'm good at making musical instruments and making music. I'm good at drawing pictures. I am very good when we have to take Momma and Daddy to the doctor. The doctors are a long way away and I am always good in the car.

For Christmas, I want a cheerleader outfit. I want a toy ring and a princess book. I really want to learn to read for Christmas. I want a king's crown. I want a new princess baby doll. I want some purple sparkly shoes. I also want some purple sparkly overalls. I want bunny statues. I want an alphabet puzzle and candy like lollipops, chocolate and peach candy. I want a pack of fish cards. I want more books to read.

Please bring Daddy a king's suit so he can be the king and a new tool kit. I also want you to bring Daddy a patch of flowers. And, please bring Daddy Jesus and a basketball kit. Please bring Daddy some peach pie candy.

Please bring Momma a queen's crown and a big patch of all kinds of flowers just for her. Bring Momma a statue of a queen. Please bring Momma some clothes that fit because she has gotten fat. Please bring Momma a magic potion to make her computer work better.

Please bring Quincy, my cat, a mouse toy and cat castle that goes on the wall. Please bring him a ball of string. Please bring Quincy a goose toy.

Please bring Bobbie, my dog, a hiding place just for dogs and some dog lotion that will make her smell better. Please bring her tea pot just for dogs.

Please bring my friend Lacie some bows for her hair and lots of flowers. Please bring her a princess hat.

Please bring all the stray dogs and cats lots of good homes, families that love them and lots and lots and lots of food.

Thank you. I hope you bring me a cheerleader outfit because I really want one.

I love you, Santa,


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  1. Hopefully Santa has his own computer so that he gets your christmas list. Maybe your mom can mail him a copy of it just in case. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
    From: Tammy and her daughter Sabrina