Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Help at the Local Humane Society

I saw a bunch of dogs and kitties at the humane society. There was even a baby kitty the last time we were there. I found a dog that I like a lot.  He has a short tail, is very furry and loves to play tug of war. My favorite dog there is Widget because he is really funny when he plays tug of war.

When we go to the humane society, we walk the dogs and play with the kitties to entertain them. They have big and little dogs. The dogs are there because they need homes. People should want those dogs.

There was even a dog named Deuce there. That dog was a little excited about things, especially doggy treats. My Daddy hurt his finger walking Deuce. He still plays with Deuce because Deuce is a good and excited dog. He didn't mean to hurt Daddy and I bet he still feels bad about hurting him.

Court is the baby kitty. She really needs a home before she grows up. Court needs a home so she learns about families and friends. She really wants a home. My cat, Quincy, needed a home when we found him. He was hungry and didn't have anyone to love him. Now he has a home and a family to love him. Court needs the same things. Because Quincy was so hungry, he was even afraid of us. I don't want Court to be afraid. You will not believe this, but Quincy was even afraid of our friends. I don't want Court to be like that.

Butters is another dog that really needs a home. He is a very white dog with brown spots. Butters is a shy dog, but sometimes I think he was scared of grown-ups. He wasn't afraid of me when I played with him. He walks good on a leash.

Greta is a long, brown dog with short legs. She cried when I cried. Greta was trying to make me feel better. Greta is a very fast dog that can smell really well. She gives me kisses when she is really excited. Also, Greta isn't very fast when she is on her leash. She can walk on the balance beam all by herself.

You should go to the humane society when they are open and adopt a dog or cat.

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